Increasing mobility, Internet of Things and the need for
comprehensive sustainability concepts are influencing
the urban infrastructure and reflect the need
for Smart City concepts.



Plan for the best use of power, water, recycling and infrastructure.


Standardize the utilization of government sources. Chose the right platform for all users. Optimize the regulatory framework. Outsource non-core services.


Each city needs an individual blueprint which defines the areas which have to be addressed. This includes energy, water, utilities, waste to energy and mobility.

Setting a benchmark in smart grid solutions, virtual energy management and an integrated digital infrastructure including high security standards will make an urban administration successful. It helps to lower expenses, to streamline processes, to optimize data security and to reduce bureaucracy. And it makes the users and citizens happy.

decon is the right partner…

  • to develop tailor-made frameworks,
  • to define the individual blueprint,
  • to decide for the right platform and
  • to make an urban administration efficient, save and impactful.

decon supports Governmental organisations to become fit for the challenges of the 21st Century. Rebuilding of legal frameworks, optimising of institutional processes and enabling administrations to enhance their services are some of the main capabilities of decon’s consulting team.

The capacity building solutions span from global sector policy level to the practical level of pipe laying, from PPP negotiation skills to procurement training, from capacity development of regulation body staff to training of leak detection operators.

Capacity building – either as part of a project or as stand-alone task – is an integral and important part of decon’s portfolio. It is a horizontal task over the full lifecycle of a project/assignment.

decon offers Capacity Building as “training on-the-job” and – where appropriate – as “learning by doing”, classroom training courses or production of textbook manuals, the conceptual approach is oriented towards the needs of our clients. It is mission-critical that consultant and client interact as partners to achieve maximum success.


  • operational assistance,
  • institutional restructuring, sector and utility modernisation,
  • sector economics, regulatory and tariff setting,
  • development and joint implementation of concepts, such as Smart City,
  • training in methodological approaches and tools,
  • development and implementation of planning tools and computerised models,
  • practical training for operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.